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The Importance of Regular Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Leaves, small branches, sand, plastic and other debris brought about by the wind can be deposited on the gutters and inside the conductive tubes of the roof of the house. These residues build up over time obstructing the channels and make it difficult to drain the rainwater. As a result, the volume of rainwater trapped in the gutter can compromise the structure, due to the weight of the water. This can further cause paint damage, overflow that causes infiltration, drips and even more serious structural problems of not only your gutter system but your home's structure.

To this end, regular cleaning of gutters is advisable and necessary. In general, it is important to check the condition of the gutters and check for a considerable build up of dirt every six months especially during the rainy season in Central Florida. In houses that are close to large trees or buildings, the drainage system should be cleaned more frequently. This is because the incidence of leaves and debris tend to clog the pipelines more quickly.

In most cases, it is necessary to climb onto the roof to clean the gutters and pipes. In situations like this, you should hire a company or professional because the service demands adequate personal protective equipment and requires a series of safety procedures and overall inspection of the gutter system.

Trust the professionals at Orlando Seamless Gutters to provide both the gutter cleaning service and our 10 point inspection to ensure your gutters are in 100% working condition before we leave. Schedule a gutter cleaning appointment today, as the correct operation of the gutter system can prolong the life of your roof and prevent unnecessary repair of your homes structure and foundation.

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